Vocational Schools

The Foundation shall offer free/affordable/ subsidized vocational education/ skills to school dropouts/ the disadvantaged on quality basis especially in rural/ less developed/ marginalized regions all over the world.

The idea is to rehabilitate individuals, enable them to study certain vocational courses (such as carpentry and joinery, welding and metal work, masonry and civil works, plumbing, agriculture, dressmaking and tailoring, leather work, among other) and talent-related opportunities in sport and music, assign them work, let them earn, and possibly spend the rest of their lives in the establishment. The concept is “REHABILITATE, STUDY, WORK, EARN, DIE”.

This works only if both vocational school (academic concept) and industries (commercial concept) are established side by side. For instance, carpentry and joinery course can be established alongside furniture and fittings industry. This shall enable the students to access knowledge and income/ wealth at the same time.

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