1. A Strategic Framework, 2012-2049
  2. Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  3. Catalogue, May 2020

Seminar Programs and Concepts

1. Africa and Covid-19 – Leaflet

2. Emerging Technological Solutions as Vocational Skills 

3. 19 December 2019 Webinar Program

4. Thematic Transitions in African Literature, 1990-2020

5. Chris Wanjala Colloquium Program

6. Chris Wanjala Colloquium

7. November-December 2018 Webinar Series Programme

8. African Union (AU) Agenda 2063

9. Africa’s Image in the World in the New Era

10. Poaching and Wildlife Conservation in Africa

11. Agriculture and Food Security in Africa – Concept


  1. Africa and COVID-19 – Dr Richard Mariita
  2. The Logic of Emerging Technological Solutions as Vocational Skills – Selsabil Dkhil
  3. The Role of Technical and Vocational Skills in National Development in Kenya – Morang’a Erick Moseti
  4. The Concept of Emerging Technological Solutions as Vocational Skills – Xiao Qijia, Paul Kipchumba
  5. The Global Commons of TVET – The Case of South Africa
  6. Whom Are We Publishing for in 2020 – Remarks by Kakembo Yacobo Mugalaasi
  7. Technology and African Literature – Remarks by Sendi Mcleen Denis
  8. A Modern African Writers Dilemma – Remarks by Isaac Mafuel
  9. Agriculture and Food Security in Kenya – Remarks by Reuben Kipruto Chebii
  10. 农业如何实现温饱和创收
  11. Agriculture_and_Food_Security_in_Africa_-_Remarks_by_Darren_Li
  12. A Critical Appraisal of African Union Agenda 2063
  13. Japanese Hunters 
  14. Deception Motif in the Oral Narratives of the Sengwer of Embobut Forest
  15. Commercialization of African Storytelling
  16. Asian Oral Literature in Kenya’s School Curricula
  17. Choices for Harmonious Coexistence in African Oral Literature
  18. Conversations about China
  19. A Cultural Window into East Africa

Audio and Video


2017 YMCA Seminar
2017 YMCA Seminar
2017 YMCA Seminar
2017 YMCA Seminar
2017 Kerio Valley Peace Meeting with Kenya’s Administrators

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