Kipchumba Foundation was founded by Paul Kipchumba in 2014 in the Republic of Kenya as a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan education-based organization.

The main objective of the Foundation is to promote an information-conscious global society by enhancing appreciation of wider theoretical, philosophical and civilizational perspectives.

The Foundation concentrates on four programs:

  1. Conferences: Running theme-conscious multi-disciplinary conferences/ seminars/ workshops and discussions both physically and electronically by e-seminars/ e-conferences. The proceedings of the program are published in Education Tomorrow, a country-specific journal.
  2. Open Sources: Coordinating systematic documentation of cultures, sub-cultures or trends, especially among indigenous ethno-linguistic communities; enacting an accessible depository of already collected socio-cultural materials, updating and disseminating the same. The proceedings of this program,  other than being published in book, booklet, and article forms, also enrich Indigenouspedia (The Encyclopedia of Indigenous Cultures and Trends).
  3. Vocational Education: Offering courses on the theme Emerging Technological Solutions as Vocational Skills to every deserving student on quality and sustainable bases. The program is offered through Kipchumba Vocational Training Institute [KVTI] and works on partnership with existing vocational institutions all over the world and by direct administration of lectures and issuance of certificates upon successful completion electronically.
  4. Kipchumba Education Prize: Administering an annual education prize for individuals or groups of individuals who (have) promote(d) education in their countries/ regions or all over the world.

The Foundation celebrates two anniversaries:

  1. Foundation’s Day (19 November): the day the Foundation was registered in 2014. The object of the anniversary is to reconfigure and reinvigorate the need for quality universal education. It is celebrated by remembering and recognizing those who have contributed to education, and by reading from best education policies and pedagogical materials.
  2. Culture Ambassadors’ Day (19 September): the day Culture Ambassador’s WhatsApp group was created by Isaac Mafuel from Malawi in 2019. The object of the anniversary is to celebrate global diversity. It is celebrated by honoring our culture ambassadors, and by listening to the experiences, and trials and tribulations of our culture ambassadors.