Kipchumba Education Prize

The Foundation shall administer Kipchumba Education Prize every year to outstanding and alive individuals or groups of individuals who have promoted education in their countries/ regions/ all over the world.

2019 Nominations:
The inaugural Kipchumba Education Prize will open for online nominations on Thursday 2 May 2019 and close on Wednesday 31 July 2019. The Prize Committee will review submissions and come up with the best nominees. The second and third best nominees will be recognized. The selected individual(s) will be notified of the decision of the Prize Committee by e-mail and telephone by Thursday 26 September 2019. The individual(s) will be awarded in a ceremony in New York City on Thursday 28 November 2019.
 Thursday 2 May 2019: Nominations open
 Wednesday 31 July 2019: Nominations close
 Thursday 26 September 2019: Notification of winner(s) done
 Thursday 31 October 2019: Winner(s) officially announced and award ceremony programme published
 Thursday 28 November 2019: Winner(s) awarded
 USD 10,000
 A medal of recognition
 A certificate of participation
 Global (all territories)
 Contribution to education through
1. innovative pedagogy,
2. leveraging new technologies,
3. girl child education,
4. educational practices with impact on local and/or global community,
5. progressive education policy(ies), or
6. other relevant aspects.
 Filling the online form below:

 All languages are accepted in the submissions, with a brief summary in English for all non-English submissions
 Only individuals are nominated
 The prize will be split if winners are part of a joint programme
 The winner(s) will be announced after acceptance of the education prize
 Self-nominations are allowed
 Past or present staff or partners of Kipchumba Foundation shall not be nominated
 The Prize Committee will request for further information from nominees at the close of the nominations
 All information about the nominees shall be handled with utmost confidentiality
 The decision of the Prize Committee cannot be appealed
Education Prize

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