Open Sources

The Open Sources Programme is a discussion platform for various socio-cultural themes, one theme/ case one day every week in different cultures, sub-cultures and trends, especially indigenous, around the world that began on Saturday 29 June 2013. A group of five knowledgeable elders/ sources come together to brainstorm, discuss or research on them, take minutes of the meetings and record the proceedings. The proceedings are transcribed, translated and gaps for further enquiry noted. Then they are published in book, booklet, and article forms.

The grand objective of the programme is to generate universal socio-cultural corpuses that are updatable and can reliably inform all aspects of modern scholarship with respect to those cultures/ sub-cultures/ trends under review.

Other than publication of books, booklets, and articles out of the proceedings, the Open Sources Program also contributes significantly towards enriching Indigenouspedia (The Encyclopedia of Indigenous Cultures and Trends) managed by the Foundation.

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